Lets not sit back and wait any longer for our governments to act on climate change and energy descent, when ‘we’ can take action at a grassroots level today!

We are faced with increasing costs in energy and must learn new ways of ‘powering down’ anyway!

As a mum of two small adults of the future, I know that our individual actions & choices cumulatively, are what will have the most impact and ultimately make the difference for our community and the earth.

Now is the time to ‘re-think’ how we do things in our everyday lives.

  • Use our cars less; carpool; bike it if you can; avoid air travel.
  • Think about the origins of your purchases; how far did it travel; was it made ethically; is it healthy and free of chemicals and additives!
  • Shop at your local farmers markets; food co-ops; buy local from locally sourced produce.
  • Learn about what healthy food really is!
  • Buy used items where possible; recycle and re-use!
  • Grow as much food as you can at home; in your street with your neighbours; start a community garden and compost, compost, compost and learn about how rebuilding our soils globally is so important to everyone!

Ultimately, we vote on our future when we shop and with the actions we take everyday……….