Growing your own food

Greening your space with edibles will give you access to fresh, chemical free produce.  There is nothing better when you are cooking up a meal, than to pop into the garden and grab some fresh greens and herbs or in the morning take your kids to collect the eggs from the chooks! With a garden you will allow for diversity to exist and have an environment that supports life!

In this growing system you can implement composting and vermiculture (worm composting); Aquaponics; keep some chickens and aim to create a closed loop system of minimum waste in your household. Reduce your rubbish by 60% or more and contribute to a healthier life and planet!

Household food scraps otherwise end up in landfill where they compost anaerobically, a decomposition process that gives off potent methane gases. Composting at home gives us a rich healthy humus soil to feed back to our edible plants and fruit trees.

Don’t have a garden – plant the verge on your street; join or start a community garden; verandahs can be very productive; school gardens; workplace projects; we can get growing anywhere.

Growing together connects us back to our local community and having that connection with our neighbours and with nature helps us all feel connected, as we often forget that we are all part of mother natures intricate system and that is something we need to protect and cherish.

Mother of two and Permaculture Practitioner